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In my late forties, I am pursuing so many things in Bangladesh. However, if you look closely you will find that all my activities are circling around one theme- Technology to change the life.

Munir_1Some of my friends called me, Math Munir, because of my works at Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad- a different approach to encourage high school students to do math. The programme titled “Prothom Alo- DBBL Mathematical Festival” took place every year in Bangladesh and select students for the International mathematical Olympiad. Thousands of students gathered in a school premises for doing math. They took part in a exam, asked questions to teachers, educationalist, scientist and enjoyed their time. Meanwhile the organizing committee, Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad Committee, find the talented students for the national round. In similar manner, the national round select students for the national math camps which eventually ended with the team for IMO. I am happened to be the General Secretary of the BdMOC.

However, I didn’t do my bachelors in mathematics. Instead, I had passed from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in the year 1991 in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. After graduation, I had joined the Institute of Information and communication Technology (erstwhile Computer Centre) and pursued my professional career in ICT. In 2004, I have been selected by United Nations Development program for a project in Prime Minister’s Office, Bangladesh. Later, in 2006 I have designed a new program, titled “Access to Information” in the same office. However, I left the project in 2010 and then provided ICT consultancy services to different organization like IFC, World Bank, Ministry of Information and Communication technology etc. In September 2013, I have taken a new responsibilities in the leading news media of Bangladesh, Prothom Alo. My responsibilities is to coordinate its youth programme along with social engagements.

BdOSN-LogoIn 2005, along with other Open Source enthusiastic, we had started a network to promote Open Source Philosophy in the country. Later, the network, Bangladesh Open Source Network (BdOSN) emerged as an independent network of several hundred open source activist. Now a day, BdOSN became the core or mother organization for all my volunteering activities. The present activities of BdOSN includes but not limited to campaign for Open Source Software, promoting solo entrepreneurship through freelance outsourcing, helping new entrepreneurs for  their enterprise etc.

Logo_3Recently we have started a program to create awareness to end violence against women through science and technology. In 2013, BdOSN became the Bangladesh chapter of the IPC programme titled “Take Back The Tech” – a campaign to use ICT to end violence against women.

ComillaBasic CMYKBefore starting the Math Olympiad activities in 2003 formally, we have started a science organization. Inspired by the 19th century’s Indian Society for the cultivation of science, this organization was named “Society for the popularization of Science, Bangladesh (SPSB)”. However, we didn’t do any significant works for a long time except arranging some Sky Observation Camps, Astronomy Workshop or Jahurul Hoq-Al Muti memorial lecture. While, the Math Olympiad program gets some momentum, we turned back to science education in the country. We found that the student enrollment in science education in all level decreasing  in alarming rate. So, we have started different program to encourage students to enroll in science. The program includes the FISBL-BFF Children Science Congress.

I wrote several books in mathematics, science, against pseudo science and co-authored few Bengali encyclopedia. I am also involved with the writing and editing of the ICT Text Book for grade VI, VII and VIII.

Now a day, I can express my functional philosophy with the following three sentences-

·         “Connectivity is productivity” (Taken from the inspirational speech by Professor Dr Iqbal Qadir)

·         Income is development

·         World is yours

My grandfathers from both maternal and paternal side inspired me a lot. My maternal grand father, Dr Abul Hashem is the first Muslim medical graduate from east Bengal and dedicated his life to help the people of Chittagong. On the other hand, my paternal grandfather Moulvi Ahmed Chowdhury dedicated his life to promote education for all. He spent his limited earnings to publish books on English language and to establish school for the girls.

My father, (Late)  AFM Ezharul Hoque, a private college teacher turned into a banker and my mother, Jebunnesa Hashem, a girls’ school teacher gave us enough freedom to choice our own life style.

Bidushee in GangNam style!

Bidushee in GangNam style!

I am married to Samia Akhter and blessed with a son(Fardeem Rubai) and daughter(Wamia Bidushee).